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Description for the condition (state of preservation) to the offered edged weapons



I have evaluated the conditions of the single pieces in grades between 1 and 6, with steps + and -  between. If the condition of the sidearm and the scabbard differed, I tried to find a happy medium. If they differed hard, I had evaluated them separate.

I did the evaluating from the best of my knowledge. However, the valuating is always subjective and can not be a basis for discussions. Therefore I did not only for every single item a valuating in grades, but also a detailed description, with - from my point of view worth of mentioning - deficiencies. So the customer will have an exact idea about the condition. These descriptions are given in German only !  If you like a translation for a single piece you are interested in, please contact me.
I hope you will understand, that I could not do a translation of my complete list.

I always try to offer only contemporary originals. If I have had identified replicas or fakes, or originals with new made replacements for missing parts, I described them clearly. Mistakes I can not exclude !


  Condition (Z) 1

Absolutely untouched piece, like manufactured, no traces of age, use or storage.

  Condition (Z) 2

Pieces with little traces of use or storage, but without deep pitting or wear of the blade or grip-plates. Originally bright metal-parts could be dark or show dark spots, also could show little traces of fine rust on the surface (but to clean easily with oil and steel-wool, so that no deep pitting will be left. Eventually little spots with pores). The original blue of metal-parts could be polished away partly by wearing. The stitching of otherwise very good leather scabbards could be open partly by aging.

  Condition (Z) 3

Pieces with medium or stronger traces of wear on the blade, grip-plates, pommel, crossguard and scabbard. Blade could be sharpened or scratched. Grip-plates could show strong wearing, could be rended, cracked or chipped. Pommel and crossguard could show little damages and deformations. The scabbard could show little to medium dents. Leather of scabbards could be deformated, jagged, or shrunken slightly. Eventually bent, but not broken. All metal parts could show little to medium pitting. Grips of swords, daggers could show the following defiencies: the wire, the leather or sharkskin on the hilt could be damaged, the riveting of the blade could be reworked.

  Condition (Z) 4

 Pieces with heavy traces of wear. Blade could be bent, the Tipp of the blade could be broken or repointed, the whole blade could be sharpened, grinded or restored improperly. Partly heavy rust with deep pitting possible. Grip-plates could be weared extremely, damaged hardly and parts could be missing. The mechanism of the press-stud could be frozen, the spring for the press-stud could be broken. Deformation of the slot possible. The scabbard could be hardly deformated, rended, broken, could show heavy pitting or rust-holes. The frog-stud could be missing. The leather of scabbards could be broken, deformated , jagged or shrunken hardly. Top-mount or shape on leather-scabbards could be missing. Grips of swords, daggers could show the following defiencies: the wire, the leather or sharkskin on the hilt could be damaged hardly or could be missing, damages of wooden, staghorn, bakelite or plastic hilts are possible. The pommel could be  deformated hardly by improper riveting of the blade.

  Condition (Z) 5

Pieces could be heavily rusted, extremely weared, partly or competely missing grip-plates. Locking-mechanism and press-stud could be missing, extreme deformations on blade, pommel, cross-guard and scabbard possible. Under this category are to add also pieces who were restored very crude, improperly, e.g. badly grinded, brazed, glued, restored holes or pitting by using of car-filler, not originally, improper chrome- or nickle-plated parts, badly replaced grip-plates or hilts and other parts. On swords, daggers, hangers and other edged weapons, the crossguard or guard could be broken or missing, hilt could be missing also. Collectable only for homeworkers or for collectors of relicts in untouched condition like found, especially if they are very rare.

  Condition (Z) 6 

In general untouched relicts, with extreme corrosion, found on battlefields or in water. Hardly damaged by corrosion, eventually only fragments are left. Only collectable for collectors of relicts or if they are extremely rare.

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